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Current Members 

Membership is online - your help is needed and appreciated. 

Renewals will commence January 1, 2018 and the deadline is February 28; after this date your membership will lapse and your place allotted to next on the Wait List. A $100 REINSTATEMENT FEE IS REQUIRED AFTER FEBRUARY 28TH.

The process is easy!
We have uploaded all our member information into this new online database. It is perfectly secure and (except for our membership committee) no one except yourself can see your information. You will find it easy to edit your information and process your renewal in just a few minutes. You will have the option of paying by check online - at no cost to you; or by credit or debit card with additional fees. If preferred, you can still mail in your check.
Login for current members. 
All your membership data is now in our new online system - except for your password of course.

Login at the top right corner with your email address and password. [Or you may login via Facebook or Google+].

To login the first time:
1. Click "Forgot password" at the top right corner, beside the Login button.
2. Complete the form to create your password.
3. Login with your email address and password.
4. Click on "View Profile" at the top right corner, beside the Logout button.

Possible reasons why you are unable to login:
If you have never provided your email address you will be unable to login.
If your email address was originally entered incorrectly in the old database.
If your email address has changed.

Please advise your correct email address at <> - thank you.


If you would prefer to renew the "old" way please click on this link for printable renewal forms:
Click Here 2018 RENEWAL for PRINTING .pdf

Paper Renewal Forms may be picked up at the front desk or contact us for a mailed copy.

Advantages of online management!

From the member point of view:
  • Faster response to member problems and queries because we can access the new program from multiple computers and don't need to be physically present in the club.
  • There will be no need for you to fill forms and mail to the club every renewal time (unless you want to).
  • Since members will maintain their own data there will be fewer errors.
  • You will save the cost and inconvenience of mailing.
From the committee point of view:
  • The procedures are fully automated and will save an enormous amount of repetitive data entry.
  • We will have one database for existing members and applicants - instead of two.
  • There will be better integration with our Door Card and Scrip Card systems.
  • It will shorten the processing time for new applicants who will get better value for their first year's fees by being accepted earlier in the year.
  • There will be automatic backup for security.
  • There will be better reporting.
  • We will save $ thousands by avoiding multiple mailings to members. We will email notifications at no cost.
  • Reduced phone and email inquiries since members can go online to check their status.
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